NY INK: Real-i-INK TV coming to NYC

The buzz has begun to flutter on the Tattoo Blogs, and it IS official: Ami James, star of Miami Ink, along with Tattoo greats such as Tim Hendricks, Tommy Montoya, and more are coming to New York. The producers of LA Ink & Miami Ink are indeed creating a new docu-series tattoo show in NYC, documenting people who want amazing tattoos with amazing stories behind them who live in the nastiest best city in the world.

And… well… I maybe one of the lucky ones to go under the needle! Hell I’d jump through flaming hoops to get tattooed by Tim Hendricks!

Today I went in for my audition to get tattooed on NY INK when filming begins in the spring! The talent head-hunter was enthusiastic, and I will hear in a month or two.

Keep your cold boney fingers crossed for me! Hopefully I get the call from the directors and get the chance to be on the debut season of this new definitely hit show that will pick up the torch of real-i-ink TV.