WTF??? Haunting the Streets with Dan Witz

You never know where I’ll pop up next: NYC, Miami, San Francisco… Coast to coast, beware!

Yours truly snuck up on some unsuspecting drivers in Miami recently – starring amongst a cast of gnarly characters in the newest, ongoing series of street art by the original, world renowned street artist, Dan Witz.

What the #@%$? (WTF)” is a series of mixed media pieces installed in high traffic bottleneck locations, featuring gnarly, violent, freaky and creepy people in very…. Precarious positions. In some of these pieces, the frames are real, not trompe l’oeils as in his previous series, Ugly New Buildings (2008-10).

Dan recently published a monography of his life’s work – In Plain View: 30 Years of Artworks Illegal & Otherwise with accompanying short film. You can see the rest of the series here, and the entire biblical body of awesome work on his website.

Keep your eyes peeled on the streets, he’s just getting warmed up. Who knows where else you might catch my face creeping!