NYC Tattoo Convention 2011…. WINNING!

How can I sum up the 2011 NYC Tattoo Convention? In one word…. WINNING! I may not have won a trophy in the Best Color Tattoo competition on Saturday night for my “Burial At Sea” arm sleeve, but I sure kicked some serious ass, and I DEFINITELY took names!

The weekend kicked off with the gang getting our traditional Friday the 13th Tattoos at the famous Daredevil Tattoo shop in the LES (my second one from Brad Stevens). I balanced out my broken skeleton key with a whole one, coming full circle (Last time was a hummingbird in tribute to my pal, Dan Witz). Whilst there I got to weigh in on the issue of tattoo Ink safety for the NY POST.

Now on to the convention – who needs a trophy when you’re featured in TIME OUT NEW YORK magazines style article? That’s right, my fashion is rocking the TONY style column! Rep’ing not only my ink & artists, but some of my favorite designers and shops (Betsey Johnson, Stella Zotis, Dollhouse, Sourpuss, Obscura Antiques, Trash & Vaudeville, Davinci Crooks & more!)

My good pals Scott (Father Panik Industries) and Marissa (Needles and Sins Blog) rep’ed and Noon, Loic & Gene Coffey manned the Tattoo Culture booth while I strutted the stage and posed for International Tattoo Magazine, Tatuaz, and more.

And the icing on the cake was meeting a fellow wonderful amazing incredible (I’m going to run out of adjectives here) artist – Liz Huston. A fellow creature of the shadows with incredible talent (not to mention a beautiful woman to boot). Check out her work! I bought 4 prints, and would kill to have more! What an amazing gal!

Keep your eyes peeled for my colorful ass in all the tattoo magazine convention specials in the coming months!

And NEXT year… expect my NEW tattoo (the GUN SHOW) to get a fucking trophy!