Inked Out In New Jersey – and Winning!


My first trip to Mario Barth’s Inked Out NJ Tattoo Convention was – as Bret Michaels would say – Awesome! The house was packed full of tattoo lovers, sans the spotlight whores, and tons of fun all around. Rebel Ink, Skin & Ink, Urban Ink and International Tattoo all yanked me aside for photoshoots (who could resist? Especially rocking my


 new yellow faux hawk emo hair do) and even Ice T wanted a photo with me when I got off stage after competing for Best Color Tattoo (female) with my left leg sleeve by Gene Coffeywhich I won 2nd place! (Look ma, I got a trophy!) Ice T’s wife Coco insisted, and who can say no to her!

All in all, one word sums up my first experience at this convention –  in the indelible words of the great Charlie Sheen- Winning (literally)!

Keep your eyes peeled for my photos from the NYC Tattoo convention coming out this fall and winter, and my photos coming out from Inked Out NJ this Spring and early summer. Looks like I’ll be in your local magazine stands year round!