Living Dead Girl Cheats Death… But On The Disabled List

Hate to say it my lovely fans… but Living Dead Girl Ink is on hiatus from modeling for the time being. Sadly I got my foot run over by a Motor Vehicle on October 13th (3 days before my birthday – believe me I had a moment of wondering if I’d make it to the 27 club!). I suffered multiple fractures in my foot, toes and ankle as well as a partially severed ligament in my foot. My recovery time is approximately 8-12 weeks total – plus rehab – and it will take me at least a month or more after rehab to get back into shape to get back to modeling again. I have had to postpone all modeling to early to mid February or later.

Good news about my accident was I had my work boots on, which supported the “integrity of my foot structure” when the vehicle ran over my foot. So the fractures were only suffered from the top of the boot caving in, and the sole kept the bones from displacing. The Doctors expect me to have a near full recovery, but it will take some time before I can wear regular shoes again, none the less work out on a stationary bike, treadmill, or wear high heels.

Thank you to all my friends and fans for your support and love in my recovery.