Living Dead Girl Returning From The Grave


Good news in the world of Living Dead Girl’s world of trauma and recovery from having my foot run over by a motor vehicle in October!

I saw a specialist last week and have begun physical therapy, after 12 agonizing weeks of disability after my accident. Hopefully, if all goes well, physical therapy should return the function of my foot to nearly normal and I can return to my normal life again in 2-3 months. But then again, in life, their are no promises. We shall see! Fingers crossed!

So lesson to you all – fuck low rate hospitals and clinics, when it comes to YOUR BODY, Take matters into your own hands and find the best Drs. To treat you. It’s your body. (Just because someone has a phd doesn’t make them a Dr.) And take every day you have and treat it as a GIFT! Because you never know….