Graves Rises from the Dead at the NYC Tattoo Convention

ImageIt’s never over til it’s over. I’m BACK! Nothing can keep little Miss Graves down – not even a near death experience or a grievous injury. I was DETERMINED to hit the path to recovery, and do the work to come back and be stronger, sexier, hotter and more glamourous than ever 😉

And lowe and behold the 15th Annual NYC Tattoo Convention came around this weekend (18th, 19th, 20th) and I was coming BACK! And I had a blast! The flash bulbs were blinding, my friends were thrilled, the magazines and publications were grabbing me left the rights, video cameras were yanking the arm for my attention. I couldn’t be HAPPIER! 

(My foot on the other hand, wasn’t happy, but the pain was worth it!)

The NY Daily News has already published a photo of me on their online photo gallery (under the wrong name, which i find HILARIOUS). A good alias I can use some day. The Village Voice intervied me = Check your news stands this week New Yorkers! Also got interviewed 


by a french TV documentary about the rising popularity of women getting tattooed, German television, interviewed and photographed by Tatoosday Blog, photographed by Rebel Ink Magazine, Tattoo Society and 

Savage Magazine and more! I even found and old photo from back in September in Rebel Ink Magazine fron the Inked Out NJ Tattoo Festival!

Tattoo Culture was there representing with Gene Coffey, Noon and Emma Griffiths. My good artistfriend Liz Huston was there working her art booth (if you havent seen her work, check it out!), I got to meet Paul Booth‘s daughter and see her first tattoo, Father Panik was there selling his hot goods, and Marrissa was there doing for Needles and Sins Blog, and even featured TWO photos of me on her web pages photo journal! (Uno & Dos)

Overall it was a BLAST. I competed for best color. Killed it in the press. And couldn’t have made a better come back. I think my welcome back photo with the infamous Outlaw Bobby Steele says it all. 

I was happy to see you all and I had a blast. Keep your eyes peeled for the photos in the listed publications in the comings days, weeks and months!

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