A New Year Rising

The world didn’t end. We won’t fall off the Fiscal Cliff and splat on Washington’s steps. We still put up our Christmas trees, hugged our loved ones a little bit tighter this year. Many of us in NYC and NJ didn’t have warm homes or loved ones here to hug or huddle with. But we rallied and prevailed the best we could in hard times. In Connecticut 26 families didn’t have their children and loved ones to have and hold for Christmas. So for this holiday season and new year, myself, and us all, should nod our heads with a bode of gratitude for what we have.

Myself? I’ve been working the best I can. I have a house full of art supplies ready to make art. Gifts from my family and friends. In January I’ll be out for a medical procedure for a bit, but afterwards I plan to come back for the month of February to work on more art, maybe some photo shoots, and awaiting to see the work done last year by the great Dan Witz, who is a now a dad! Congrats to him and his family and blessings to them this holiday season. And come May, after another medical round in March, I look forward to the NYC Tattoo convention! Spring and new life.


This photo was taken on the worst day of my year. Right after hurricane sandy. After I got horrible health news. By an unknown photographer. I’d been in tears for hours. Why do I share this? Because yes I am a model, but I am still just like you. Human, emotional, vulnerable, and tactile. Miss Graves may have 9 lives like a cat but I still live on the same roller coaster we have all been on, that we all ride on. And it’s not over, it’s our whole life. I’m still on it. I decided I just have to buckle up and enjoy the view at the top and hang on when the ride drops and shakes our guts and scares us shitless.

As I arise from my speedy recovery in January and March – during that span of time during the start of this new year – let us all be grateful for what we have. Be kind to one another. And make 2013 the best year possible. The sky is the limit. If we can survive bus crashes, hurricanes, and fiscal cliffs, we can survive anything.

God bless you and your loved ones in 2013!

Xxx Graves Xxx

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