Mother Nature’s Disruption, Political Corruption and Creation

This exciting day of another wildly named snow storm (Janice ironically, the

20140121-164854.jpgname of a good friend) has postponed my beginning of class at the Art Student League of NYC. While my home state (NJ) is in turmoil thanks to a not so bright governor, seems like the Garden State is getting squashed. Despite such sucky events, I am greatly looking forward to working under the guidance of Deborah Winiarski and growing the horizons of my work at the League starting – hopefully – tomorrow and giving you more great work.

So what do you do to pass a snowy day stuck inside? Watch Tv? Lazy Day in bed? Nah! I’m currently doing some test paintings, studying the habitats of minks and muskrats, culturing ideas for a project series and absorbing the poetry of Sylvia Plath. Right now very fascinated with relating “Two Views of a Cadaver Room” with my current project.

Stay tuned for my new work and most importantly, stay warm!

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