The Reality Of Life, Moving Forward, With No Regrets

Going back to school has no limits. TWO weeks into the ART STUDENTS LEAGUE of NYC in midtown I am pumping out some of the BEST painting and multi media work I have ever done. Here are a few examples – some complete – some incomplete – yet when you read my thesis, it will all make sense:

“In order to understand life and the world we live in, we – I – must understand it’s construction, as well as its DE-construction. The glue that holds it together and how it is destroyed yet preserved; it’s faults, it’s frailties, it’s strength’s, it’s beauties, it’s miracles; then it’s inevitable deformities, imperfections; birth, death, rebirth. Every life comes with a death sentence. Why are we so afraid to dismantle this life and explore it while we are here?I am not afraid”

We only have a limited time. Make the most of it. Don’t give up on your gift.

NOW my class at the ASL will have a class show in March. I will keep you posted on the dates!

A gift cannot be denied. Raise up and embrace yours.






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